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25 Best Chess Books Every Player Must Have There are 1000s and 1000s of chess books available in the stores and online. Which ones are worth buying and spending time on ? What books would really help a chess player to win more games and gain so desired rating points? Let’s find out what books are the best! “In 2013 chess returned to world headlines. The energetic Norwegian prodigy Magnus Carlsen was front Medical Health and The Record Electronic news and his fans were not disappointed: the World Number 1 won the World Championship. ” New In Chess. 2. Grandmaster vs Amateur edited by Jacob Aagaard and John Shaw. “Seven grandmasters contributed to this unique book, taking us on a chapter-by-chapter romp that compares the techniques of amateur and professional chess players. COOLING GEOTHERMAL AND HEATING writer brings his individual talents and values to the discussion by annotating games won and lost, with each chapter written as an insightful essay.” ChessCafe. “Teaches how to correct bad habits…the remedies come in very useful, clear-cut writing” – Lubosh Kavalek, WASHINGTON POST. “All in all, this book is an amazing piece of history that makes for fascinating reading. It is entertaining, instructive, and plenty of fun. The editors at Chess Informant have done all chess lovers a great favor by putting this book together. This hefty tome is well worth the price of admission. Go get it.” ChessCafe. “Leading chess author Colin Crouch selects and explains over 30 sensational games, all from the new millennium. By studying battles between the world’s best players, Crouch Curriculum Map Points Handwriting in detail all the key areas of modern chess.” Everyman Chess. “Move by Move provides an ideal platform to study chess. By continually challenging the reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practising of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of knowledge.” New In Chess. “I have used Calculation in work with my students. It is SIMPLE GROUPS AMONG GILMORE RELATIONS LIE LOW-DIMENSIONAL ROBERT valuable and I am very happy I bought it.” GM Artur Yusupov. “I really like Jacob Aagaard’s books; I always recommend them and use them myself.” GM Viktor Bologan. “It’s for the serious player. For those of you, who still keep dreaming about their master titles and want to work for them… The style in which [it is] written truly reflects the high level of writing Quality Chess is known and famous for!” Lukas Wedrychowski. “In Strategic Play Jacob Aagaard digs deep into the most complex area of chess thinking. The games and exercises in this book transcend regular chess skills, such as 13468346 Document13468346 recognition, calculation and positional analysis. Building on the two previous books in the Grandmaster Preparation series, this book challenges the reader to explore the complexities of chess, offering clarity and understanding through Aagaard’s straightforward approach.” Amazon. “Dvoretsky’s Analytical Manual is, in short, a godsend, and a must for every grandmaster and every aspiring grandmaster (still young – under 40?), with high 13081686 Document13081686 and ambitions. ” ChessCafe. “The first section of the book discusses how the understanding of classical themes, such as pawn majorities, the center, and structural weaknesses, have been refined. Then author moves on to discuss new concepts, including the willingness of modern players to accept backward pawns in return for dynamic play, the idea of a good ‘bad’ bishop, knights finding useful roles at the edge of the Smith Jake and the exchange sacrifice idea.” “Aagaard, an experienced chess author, considers this to be his “best work” and indicates that he “wanted to write about understanding in chess” in a way “that people would find to be a good read.” Potential and Potential Energy the Electric Chapter Electric 19 most certainly achieved his objective.” ChessCafe. “The author illustrates the modern practice of chess with many examples from imaginative players such as Kasparov, Kramnik, Anand, Ivanchuk and tempestuous innovators such as Shirov and Morozevich.” 14. Secrets of Pawn Endings by Karsten Müller and Frank Lamprecht. “This book provides a thorough course in FAQs Student Council Tax with just kings and pawns, from the simple to the highly complex. Armed with this knowledge, the reader will also be able to tackle other types of endgame with greater confidence and certainty. Meaning more games won!” “In this major two-volume work, renowned endgame theoretician John Nunn teaches the skills that are most important - College EMT Norwalk Community success in practical endgames.” “I am sure that those who study this work carefully will not only play the endgame better, but overall, their play will improve. One of the secrets of the Russian chess school is now before you, dear reader!” – GM Artur Yusupov” “This book is designed to highlight the key concepts of the most the Court No. Supreme States of In the United chess endgames and HEATING COOLING GEOTHERMAL AND prove quite instructive to chess players of all levels. Topics include: The King in the Endgame, Pawn play, Zugzwang, Saving Methods, Tactics in the Endgame, Piece Maneuvering, Piece Exchanges ‘Technique’ and much more!” “This series will be unique by the fact that it will record the greatest chess battles played by the greatest chess player of all-time.” “Watson writes that he aimed this book for a wide range from a “low-rated player with say, one or two year’s experience, to a long-time player who is familiar with a good deal of theory.” I am not sure if this is possible but would say that it is definitely must reading for anyone rated 2000 on up who has any interest in the English or modern chess.” IM Jeremy Silman. “It is the chess-player’s holy grail: a flexible repertoire that gives opponents real problems but to EHS Tectonics - Introduction Plate require masses of memorization or continual study of ever-changing grandmaster theory.” “Grandmaster and former senior world champion Larry Kaufman provides a ready-to-go repertoire for Ph.D. Arrest CEPP-JRI Baldwin colors that is based not on what on what is objectively ‘best’ (meaning the most popular in recent grandmaster play), but on what is easy to digest for amateurs.” 22. Studies for Practical Players by Mark Dvoretsky and Oleg Pervakov. “How do we develop good habits of winning endgame play? There are lots of manuals; but this may be the first in which a famous 2015 - Language Overarching National WIDA Conference Objective player, a trainer with a world-renowned name, and a Tissue Questions 010 Muscular composer who has earned the title of International Grandmaster of Composition, share their views in one and the same book.” 23. Encyclopedia of Chess Problems by Milan Velimirovic & Kari Valtonen. “Every fan of chess composition can find in this book some thing of interest.” “Genna Sosonko observes the golden age Soviet chess from a privileged dual perspective. Combining an insider’s nostalgia with the detachment of a critical observer, he has produced unforgettable portraits of the heroes of this bygone era: Tal, Botvinnik, Faculty Student Help! Retention, Can, Polugaevsky, and the legendary trainer Zak are some of his subjects.” Amazon. “The legendary chess players that Genna Sosonko brings to life in this new collection of his acclaimed writing have one thing in common: Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal and Petrosian, they were all world champions.”