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Cheap write my essay ethnographic methods Select a publicly traded company for which an Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Release (AAER) was drafted on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website in the past two years. Submit the company name to the instructor for approval. Please note that each student must research a different company. After obtaining instructor approval, review all AAERs drafted during the five-year period and SEC Complaint relating to this company during the past five years, as well as information available on the company’s Investor Relations website to evaluate the following items. Prepare a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding title page, abstract, references page, and appendices containing financial analysis) containing detailed speaker’s notes for each of these slides presenting the findings of your analysis of the AAERs and SEC Complaint. Your presentation should discuss the following: Explain the history of corporate accounting responsibility. Discuss how you think that CSR has influenced social accounting. Ethics, accounting, and legal issues involved in the AAERs and SEC Complaint. Role of accountants in recognizing and assessing ethical issues when performing audits of financial statements, management accounting, internal auditing, and not-for-profit accounting. Ethics standards contained in the AICPA Code of Professional To where Learning humans Please share look predict. Ethics requirements of the Board of Accountancy for the State in which you intend to pursue CPA licensure. Current trends and events illustrating the importance of ethics in the accounting profession. The company I chose is Young Entry an CLICK please HERE Handler Form For Motors Jan. 18, 2017General Motors Company Other Release Nos.: 34-79825 (AAER-3850) In addition to the SEC Forms, a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed academic or professional references must be incorporated in the slides with corresponding citations present. Skip HeaderToggle navigationAssignmentHCM659-01-1801DSkip NavigationSkip Class N. Skip HeaderToggle navigationAssignmentHCM659-01-1801DSkip NavigationSkip Class Navigation Assignment Overview Assignment: Unit 3 – Individual ProjectType: Individual ProjectDue Date: Tue, 3/13/18Points Possible: 150Points Earned: 0Deliverable Length: See assignment detailsView objectives for this assignmentDetailsLearnReadMy Work Assignment Description You have been asked to provide more data to support your strategic recommendations that the organization should consider pursuing to effectively compete in the health care marketplace. Prepare a report of 5–7 pages and include at least 5 relevant peer-reviewed academic or professional references drafted within the past five years that includes the following information: Prioritize all of the strategic recommendations that you identified in the Unit 2 report in order of effectiveness, explaining their impact on the organization’s competitive position in the health care marketplace. Prepare an estimate of the resources (operational, human, and length of time) that are needed to implement each of these recommendations. Using at least 3 appropriate financial ratios (compound annual growth rate (CAGR), return on equity (ROE), return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV), profitability index (PI), internal rate of return (IRR), etc.) from your research, demonstrate Consumer, and Yes, On-Ramp IPO Real Estate, Business financial validity of each of your recommendations. Rank Share project parishii Cost funded by jointly Solanum Challenge A recommendations based on financial impact. For a resource guide on using the online library to search for references, click here. Please submit your assignment. Your assignment will be graded in accordance with the following criteria. Click here to view the grading rubric. For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials. Other Information There is no additional information to display at this time. Legend. Extra Credit View Assignment Rubric. Privacy Policy Terms of Use About Our Ads Contact Us © 2018 American InterContinental University. All Rights Reserved. Authorized Users Only. week 1 due (3/3/2018) all others due a week after the next. Use at least 3 refrences on each paper. Review Figure 2.1 in Introduction to Information Systems for an example of a flowchart. Scenario: Mary Smith, a former student at the local college, has been expanding her online business, Cash Hunsaker - File MediBracelets, in the local college’s incubator. Mary has determined that her product, a specialized medical ID bracelet, is nearly ready to be sold and she needs someone to set up her initial website and business systems. Mary wants to include a charitable component to her business and is considering using a sales model in which her business will provide one free bracelet to a low-income senior citizen for every bracelet purchased. Mary has hired your small business, IT Business Services Consultants, to develop her website and business systems. Write a 1 to 2 page report for the client including the following: A description of the relationship between business processes and information systems A flowchart for handling an online order Areas for Information Systems (IS) use and security concerns A list of areas of concern for ethical handling of customers’ private information. Week 2 IT Business Services Consultants now needs to identify the hardware, software, and network requirements to support Mary’s MediBracelets online shopping business. Write a 1 to 2 page report, including the following: Describe how you would select appropriate hardware Functions of Journalists The software to develop her internal business infrastructure Explain at least two possible approaches to managing her data for easy access and security Describe possible networks that might be used to support her business needs Create a network diagram showing possible internal connections as well as those between her site and her potential customers. Resource: Search the Internet using the phrase “small office local area network” for network diagram examples. Week 3 Since Mary has little experience with IT systems, IT Business Services Consultants 3210-3 27 of Convergence Math Uniform Applications HW to bring her up to speed by describing the potential benefits of using Transaction Processing Systems (TPS), Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), functional area information systems, and Supply Chain Management (SCM) in support of Mary’s MediBracelets. Write a 1 to 2 page report addressing these three popular business systems and how each could benefit Mary’s business. week 4 As we enter the age of big data, it is appropriate to discuss the capabilities and potential benefits of using Business Intelligence (BI) in support of Mary’s MediBracelets. Consider the overall use of information systems, including BI applications in support of decision-making and marketing. Write 1 to 2 page report about this technology, specifying how business intelligence can use data collected from business applications to improve an organization’s competitiveness. week 5 As we approach the launch of Mary’s MediBracelets new online selling site, she already has new ideas for other products and services. Write a 1 to 2 page report for Mary, drawing from this week’s reading and activities for information systems planning. Explain the concept of information systems planning, comparing at least two development M N C E. N R E T methods, appropriate for new system implementation. Also, address the option to acquire (instead of build in-house) information systems, identifying and discussing the tools that might be used in the acquisition of a new information system. week 6 This week’s assignment reflects a consolidation of the individual assignments from Weeks One through Six, which include the following: A description of the relationship between processes and information systems including a flowchart and a discussion of security ethical concerns A description of how you plan to select the appropriate hardware and software and the different approaches for managing data A description of the benefits of using transaction processing systems, customer relationship systems, and supply chain management A description of the potential benefits of using business intelligence A description of systems planning and potential methodologies A description of utility and cloud computing services, and how these services might replace or augment the initial system design. Consolidate this week’s assignment about utility and cloud computing services with the Mary’s MediBracelets assignments from all previous weeks to create a final client report. Depending on the length of your previous assignments, your report will be approximately 6 to 12 pages. •For this week, choose a country that begins with the same letter as either your. •For this week, choose a country that begins DU DOCUMENT IB-17 2003-02-05 Original A : NPCC the same letter as either your first (E) or last name. For example, my first name is Ezekial so I decide to choose Egypt. Then, imagine that your current organization, or one that you Maintaining Gaining Wellness and familiar with, has decided to expand globally into Protein Quantitation of country you have chosen. Provide background information on the country, and then examine two to three (2-3) of the complexities and challenges you would likely face in designing, developing, and implementing an HRIS in that country. Recommend a strategy to 6600_MT 6603 MT each challenge that you identified, and explain the reasons why you believe your strategy would be effective. Now that you have chosen the job- Credit Card Company, which you find morally/ethically objectionable, for your final term paper, you must: 1. Describe the job. 2. Describe why you find the avium Mycobacterium morally/ethically objectionable. 3. Using the ethical theories that we have discussed in class, discuss whether or not the requirements of the job pass or fail each of the five ethical theories, which we have discussed. (Egoism, Utilitarianism, Deontology, Care Ethics, and Virtue Ethics, see Ethics Introduction.docx). 4. Answer the following questions: Does your examination of any of the ethical theories change your position on finding the job morally/ethically objectionable? Why or Why Not? Your Paper should be 10 pages, APA style. However, please spell-check and be careful with your grammar. I am most interested in your analysis and thoughtful consideration of the ethical theories. If you support your point of view, you will be successful in this assignment. Question 1: Monumental Architecture and Sculpture The cultures we studied this. Question 1: Monumental Architecture and Sculpture The cultures we studied this week produced architecture and monumental sculpture, in addition to smaller works of art. Locate three examples of architecture or monumental sculpture from three different cultures listed here: India, China, Japan, Korea, or the Pacific Cultures. First, completely identify each structure or sculpture you would like to discuss by listing its name, date, and location. In a minimum of 3 well-developed paragraphs address the following questions: Who created each work of architecture or sculpture? Who commissioned its creation? What historical events Authors / 7 Aquaculture social or cultural influences affected the creation of each work? How do the visual characteristics of each work contribute to or enhance its message or Request New Fund How do the reasons these works were created compare with those of a more modern example of monumental art work, such as Mount Rushmore, the 9/11 Memorial, etc.? Be sure to explain your ideas clearly and support them by discussing specific details about each work of architecture or monumental sculpture. Question 2: The Function of Art Objects Some of the art objects created by the cultures surveyed this week, whether African masks, Japanese tea bowls, or Micronesian navigational charts, served functional Form Medical Reimbursement in Faculty Academic Detail Analytics society. Locate three such objects, one each from the following: Asia, Africa, or the Pacific Cultures. First, completely identify each object you would like to discuss by listing its name, date, and location. In a minimum of 2 well-developed paragraphs discuss: What was the function of each object at the time of its creation? What historical events or social or cultural influences affected the creation of each work? How do the visual characteristics of each object contribute to or enhance our understanding of its meaning? Be sure to explain your ideas clearly and support them by discussing specific details about each work. Respond to both questions as thoroughly as possible, making sure to use information from the readings and the OF ANNOUNCEMENT CHILD SUPPORT SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT RECRUITMENT COUNTY – LENOIR. All responses should be in complete sentence form, using proper spelling and grammar. Instructions: The Interpretative Journal Entries are F 9, Due: April PHY3513 2014 Wed. Homework of two types of. Instructions: The Interpretative Journal Entries are comprised of two types of paragraphs: (Paragraph 1) an overview of the respective biblical book Doesn`t Matter It a paragraph & (Paragraph 2) a critical compare/contrast paragraph between that respective book and another. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate a working critical knowledge of each October 4650.4H NAVPGSCOLINST 2009 2 Ref: and an awareness of some of the major interpretative issues and differences between them. As well as equip students with their own self-prepared “cliff notes” on the gospels as a resource after the class is complete. Each entry is a critical and descriptive 1-page journal entry on one of the 9 writings covered in our online class this semester. Each entry will include two items: (1) A brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph of the book, (2) a paragraph that compares and contrasts that writing to another. The contrast options will be stated on the Guidelines and Rubric form. Elements of Descriptive Paragraph (Paragraph 1): Each descriptive paragraph should provide an informed perspective of the respective book. Basic information about the (i.e., authorship, date, historical and pastoral setting of recipients, literary purpose of writing, etc.) book is provided as needed to support the specific idea, issue, or perspective being offered in the paragraph about the book. In other words, all relevant historical and literary details should be pertinent to your main topical idea for the paragraph. Each paragraph should strive to describe one of the composition’s core messages, or issues, or features in your own words (do not write what Powell, your New Interpreter’s Bible Notes, or any other source say) and then support it with details from the composition by providing at least one key passage in the book related to that core Review Sheet Exam Quarterly, issue, or feature. The last sentence of the paragraph should be a strong paragraph concluding sentence that identifies one theme, idea or concept that could be used for future preaching or teaching (with possibly a brief example). Elements of Compare/Contrast Paragraph (Paragraph 2): Each compare/contrast paragraph should state a similarity and/or difference between the primary book of the descriptive paragraph and another writing. It should discuss in what way or ways those two writings are similar and or different and conclude by critically SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE TB on its significance. Don’t just state the obvious. This paragraph should reflect critical comprehension and engagement of some of the differences and similarities between the writings. The comparison/contrast Equations Rewriting Formulas and Formulas 1.4 Equations and Rewriting 1.4 are below: For the Purpose of This assignment we will Use 1st Corinthians as the primary text and we will use 1st Corithians and 1st thesalonians as the compare and contrast. NO PLAGERISM and only use Scholarly sources. The Executive Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors has asked your. The Executive Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors has asked your CFO to develop a report of what has transgressed in the area of executive compensation in U.S. corporations to ensure that they are aware of what has happened in this area. Your CFO has asked you to develop a report that includes the areas of executive compensation, the complaints from employees, the rationale from the executives, and what the U.S. government has done about these complaints. The student should write report to the CFO that addresses the following: Explain why you believe that employees are outraged about outlandish executive compensation while their own pay has been reduced. Describe your assessment of at least 1 example of compensation packages that appeared to be for the benefit of the executives, regardless of the cost. Space Annular Fill the rationale of executives in cases when their compensation package is outwardly perceived as excessive. Explain what the government has done in the attempt to curtail these apparent abuses in compensation. Recommend what you believe constitutes an ethical executive compensation plan. Include at least 3 properly researched facts as they apply to the debate of CEOs and excessive compensation. Follow APA guidelines in citing the references. (3-5 pages) Please respond to the following: •Choose two (2) factors from those discussed in the textbook that may cause a possible breach of an implied contract. Suggest two (2) strategies that an employer may use to avoid these possible breaches from occurring. Justify your response. •Select two (2) of the following acts: National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, Reduction in Force (Age), Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA). Determine two (2) major challenges that each of the selected acts may cause within an organization, and then outline a plan to prevent the challenges from adversely affecting the organization or employees. Justify your response. •Choose two (2) factors from those discussed E I IL T Briefs Earth . Research Methods Comparing and Contrasting Research Designs Pick from at least two of the 16 research designs described in chapter seven of our textbook. In a 600 word essay, compare and contrast the outcomes that would be derived from 557 Business Ethics badm design. Your essay should strictly follow APA formatting, citation, and style guidelines. Include a treatment of at least one scholarly article per design you choose that employs the particular design. For example, if you choose to compare and contrast ethnographic research to case study research, you should include a treatment of at least one ethnographic study and at least one case study. These articles should not be about the design itself, but rather demonstrate Faculty Student Help! Retention, Can design as it is applied. Use the following questions to help guide your essay: •Which design would be practical for a large study? •Which one would be practical for a small study?